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Finding Volunteers for your Nonprofit Organization's Special Events?

Posted by: Area Tent & Canvas on 01/21/2009

Voluneers are the heart and soul of any nonprofit organization. Trying to match a person's passion with the needs of your organization is always tough...but it can be a win-win for everyone involved if handled properly. Getting people to voluneer for your fundraisers/special event can make people feel productive, less lonely, fulfill their need to meet people plus it just plain keeps them busy. Please try some of the following successful tips to keep your roster full of talented volunteers.

1. Provide written job descriptions, duties, and responsibilities
2.Idendify skills and specific interests
3. Look at in-kind contributions, donors w/means
4. Contact high schools, colleges, and county work release programs for your specific needs.

1. Make voluneers feel welcome and appreciated
2. Keep them challenged with the task at hand
3. Ask for their imput and productive ideas
4. Stay in touch with them through periodic contact (newsletter, email, hometown papers.

1. Institute Recognition Events for individual accomplishments
2. Praise them individually aloud and w/ written certificates or plaques
3. Elevate your volunteers to levels of higher responsibilities and leadership positions
4. Foster team spirit!

1. Eliminate "bad" volunteers after a fact-finding mission and an attempt to deal with their negative experiences within your organization.
2. Be fair but firm with each voluneer's attitude toward your "Mission Accomplished" Goals/Results
3. Move on with your "can-do" attitude/your mission!
4. The winner is...your nonprofit organization

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