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Stability of Fuel

Posted by: Area Tent & Canvas on 04/02/2013

After a long cold winter without any use, many winterized boats are refueled for spring use. There seems to be little concern for the stabilty of the gasoline being used. Unfortunately, many boats sit for weeks at a time through the spring and summer months with fuel present..deteriorating!

Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer offers a blend of scientific additives that prevent fuel from deteriorating while the boats are in storage or if they are used infrequently. Stored fuel goes bad in as little as 60 days, causing gum and varnish deposits to build up in engines. Sta-Bil prevents the buildup that results in starting problems, poor performance, and reduced engine life. It is available in containers as small as 8 oz. up to gallon sizes.

Do yourself and your boat motor a favor..call Terry L. Ellison @ Area Tent & Canvas 989-642-2255 (a Mid-Michigan/Great Lakes Bay Region Custom Boat Cover Manufacturer/Fabricator) for a list of local suppliers of Sta-Bil...then kiss your fueling problems good-bye!

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